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Proceedings of the Eleventh Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference, 1987

Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society. Conference. MATERIALS AND METHODS
Pot experiments The pot experiments were carried out from March - August 1987
at BIOTROP, Bogor, Indonesia. Plastic pots of 5 1 capacity were filled up with soil
(1atosol), sieved and fertilized with TSP (60 kg P20s/ha) . urea (45 kg/ha), K2SO4
(50 kg l^Os/ha). ... The first factor was soybean density consisting of 3 levels i.e. 2
, 4 and 6 plants/pot; while the second factor was competing mixture of 8.

Proceedings of the ... Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference

Among these are: I. the establishment of (a) the Southeast Asian Weed
Information Center at Biotrop in Bogor, Indonesia, (b) the Tropical Weeds
Research Center in Charters Towers, Australia, and (c) the Pakistan Weed
Science Society, and II. the holding of (a) the International Conference on
Pesticides in Tropical Agriculture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and (b) the l lth
International Congress of Plant Protection in Manila, Philippinesthe first time that
this prestigious conferencse has ...

Proceedings of the ... Conference of the Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society

SOERJANI Center for Studies of the Environment and Human Resources,
University of Indonesia, Jalan Salemba 4, Jakarta, Indonesia. ABSTRACT The ...
RESEARCH Taxonomy and inventory The extreme importance of correct
dentification of weed species was first rea- ised by Koorders (1890), and resulted
in a rcry few publications, e.g. weed flora in tea Backer and van Slooten (1924)
and in sugar- ...