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Proceedings of the Symposium on Weed Management

Bogor, Indonesia, 7-9 June, 1989

Bogor, Indonesia, 7-9 June, 1989 Bruce Archibald Auld, Ruben C. Umaly, Sitti
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Proceedings of the Seventh Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference

Sydney, Australia, November 26 to 30, 1979

Manual control of /. cylindrica was found to be an effective method in the early
l900's. Later, use of herbicides or mechanical cultivation by ploughing and
rotavation proved to be practical and economical, but the former was more
efficient. Sodium arsenite was extensively used after the Second World War.
Work at the Rubber Research Institute of Malaya (l956) and Balai Penelitian
Perkebunan Medan-Indonesia (Simanjuntak, l 963) showed that 2,2-DPA was
more effective than sodium ...