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English for the New Business World

English for the New Business World is designed for those who are doing a business studies course or are already working in the world of business. It is intended for good intermediate level students and contains some 120 hours of coursework, although the material is also suitable for short courses where higher level learners may opt to do only some of the units. Because of its coverage of the main business themes and its development of a variety of reading, listening and writing skills, English for the New Business World is an excellent preparation course for examinations such as the business English examinations of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce, the TOEIC and Cambridge Business English Certificate. In addition, English for the New Business World systematically revises grammar points which learners traditionally find difficult and covers all the skills needed by business people for their work. Oral skills are developed extensively, but gradually, from highly-structured pairwork activities to much freer role plays and simulations. The book aims to develop students' ability to cope with authentic language in authentic situations. A central feature of all the units is a business case study which enables students to put into practice the business skills they have acquired.