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The Pearson Guide to English for CDS Examination

But he had already walked away. The last word on the imperatives of the 'market'
had been spoken. Actually, this view of higher education should not have
surprised me. Worthies who look at everything as consumer products classify
higher ...

Concise General Knowledge Manual

"The Pearson Concise General Knowledge Manual 2011" is accurate, well-researched and examination-oriented. This best seller helps to master the subject of general knowledge for various competitive examinations. The book is based on current trends in general knowledge questions featured in various competitive examinations as well as in examinations conducted by UPSC, SSC, Banking Services, Railway Recruitment Boards, and central and state recruitment bodies. It includes sample practice exercises for each subject area and a comprehensive question bank for practice, in all three media paper-pencil, online and on-mobile (GPRS only) platforms. It boasts of an up-to-date national and international Current Affairs section; the latest updates and downloadable test papers available free on the web companion site."

2010, The Foreign Educational Institution (Regulation of Entry and Operation) Bill
, 2010 was approved by the Government. The bill grants permission for setting up