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Rangkuman kertas-kerja Seminar Strategi Pembinaan Pengusaha Swasta Nasional, 29-31 Mei, 1975 di Jakarta

Elemen-elemen asing untuk sebagian terbesar menguasai dunia bisnis ini. Di
dalam dunia bisnis kecil terdapat usaha-usaha kecil yang hidup-matinya sangat
tergantung dari ”pasar”, artinya dari ”tenaga-beli” yang ada di masyarakat.

A Basic English-Shona Dictionary

An essential addition to the reference works on Shona, a Bantu language, and one of Zimbabwe's major languages, spoken by about three quarters of the country's population. Shona is spoken as far north as Congo, and Kenya, and as far south as South Africa. The dictionary contains some 5,500 entries, drawings, examples of usages, and illustrations.

... HL) of the f. believer n mutenden 1 (LLLL)cf -tendera (LLL) faithful be
trustworthy vb -tendeka i (LLL); -vimbika i (LLL) falcon kestrel n rukodzi 1 1 (LHL)
fall /. off vb -punzika i (HHH); -wa i (L); /. down, f. to the ground vb -wira pasi i (LL
LH); /.

VII. Internationales Symposium über Struktur und Funktion der Erythrozyten

veranstaltet von der Biochemischen Gesellschaft der DDR in der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Experimentelle Medizin und der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR

nation why the experimental data are not able to generate separate coefficients
for the two types of subunits. The facts that the simplified H-S model is compatible
with different sets of henioglobin-ligand binding data and that most of the ...