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Data base directions, the next steps

proceedings of the workshop of the National Bureau of Standards and the Association for Computing Machinery, at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 29-31, 1975

Such work usually follows the traditional approach in programming languages:
giving more meaning to data types by declaring their properties and constraining
their operations. For instance, in most languages one cannot multiply numbers ...


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Ecological Guidelines for Development in Tropical Rain Forests

Within the tropical forest regions there are a great number of forest types, and
other natural ecosystems, each containing its own combination of species
according to local differences of climate, soil, altitude and geological history. It is
highly important to conserve samples of each of these, sufficiently large to be self
-perpetuating and to encompass the range of the larger mammals and migratory
species. Particularly important is the conservation of samples of lowland rain
forest on fertile ...