Aktivitas ekonomi syariah

catatan dakwah seorang praktisi perbankan syariah

Great White Sharks

Covers the literature and folklore of great white sharks, as well as giving scientific information such as their habitat, distribution and social organization. This book also includes viewpoints on co

Christian Ethics

An Introduction

This book is about the state of moral theology today. It is written by an international team of academics, among them some of the best-known Christian ethicists in the English-speaking world. It is sc

The Spirit and Spirituality: Volume 4

Essays in Honor of Russell P. Spittler

This celebration volume is to honor a prominent Pentecostal theologian and educator, Russell P. Spittler. As much of his research has been devoted to the area of Pentecostal spirituality, the essays c

Open Road Summer

After breaking up with her bad-news boyfriend, Reagan O'Neill is ready to leave her rebellious ways behind. . . and her best friend, country superstar Lilah Montgomery, is nursing a broken heart of he

Christian Brotherhood

Brotherhood as an ideal has meant many different things. In this disarmingly simple study Ratzinger begins by examining two contrasting views: that of the ancient mystery religions which created 'clos

Faith, Morals, and Money

What the World's Religions Tell Us About Ethics in the Marketplace

Most books on business ethics approach the subject philosophically. That approach, Zinbarg tells us, is that it neglects the most important source of most people's understanding of right and wrong: th

24 for 3

A perfectly crafted, funny and moving masterpiece about love, family, passion and whether or not one should play by the rules.

The Binding of Isaac

A Religious Model of Disobedience

Traditional interpertations in both Judaism and Christianity argue that the Akedah presents not only an ethical question but also an ethical reply. But for the intervention of the angel, Abraham would

Dictionary of Environment & Ecology

"Over 8,000 terms from ecology and the environmental sciences, ranging from soil science, climatology and agriculture (including GM and organic foods), NGOs, pollution, and waste management, to enviro


The Boy who Set Sail on a Questionable Quest

The third epic and hilarious quest of Blart and his companions, featuring pirates, trolls, wolfdogs and much humorous skulduggery. Reads like 'The Princess Bride' meets Monty Python.

The Time Traveller's Guide to the Future

Prediction and Decision Made Easy

This is a refined version of the I Ching, the ancient Chinese system of prediction for divining the future.;First, one thinks of a question to ask. Eight cards are supplied with the book. Shuffle once