The Naked Employee

How Technology Is Compromising Workplace Privacy

Corporate Taxes and the Non-tax Executive

Enterprise Project Governance

A Guide to the Successful Management of Projects Across the Organization

New projects are the key to ensuring an organization’s growth—and as we enter an increasingly competitive global economy, companies of all stripes struggle to effectively govern the multiplicity of pr

Franchising & Licensing

Two Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business in Any Economy

Filled with illuminating examples, stories from the field, and dozens of forms for drafting franchising agreements and licensing programs, the fourth edition of Franchising & Licensing covers all the


How Premier Organizations Win the Race Against Time

Adventure stories for todayOCOs fast-paced business environment "

Coolfarming Chapter 2: Swarm Creativity-The Force That Fuels Coolfarming

Evaluating Purchasing Systems

Corporate R & D Administration

R & D's Role in Product Liability

Product Liability; Trends and Implications

A Radical Approach to Job Enrichment

Strategic Alternatives

Selection, Development, and Implementation

Strategic thinking and decisions; Highlights of strategic thinking; Making decisions and setting priorities; Successful management strategies; Marketing based strategies; Production based strategies;