Information System Design Using Twiki

Phil Gochenour combines real-world experience designing enterprise information systems with a veteran teacher's ability to explain the basic principles behind any system design, whether it's a cookbook or a software company's wiki. Information System Design Using TWiki takes the reader through a step-by-step project starting with the basic building block of all information systems, the topic, and continuing with sections on metadata, search systems, and usability. The companion website provides sample code that can be used to construct the complete project on the TWiki wiki platform, making it possible for readers to understand TWiki's functionality and potential while constructing a usable system. Whether you are looking for a way to learn the basics of information system design, or you work with TWiki and want to learn how to use it more effectively, this book is for you.

an engineering perspective, but were much sketchier on designing information
systems. What they needed was a basic course in information system design.
Both of these situations came to mind when I was asked to develop a course in ...