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Quality, Access and Social Justice in Higher Education

Papers presented at a national seminar organized by Kerala State Higher Education Council during 1-2 February 2008.

public interests and act to protect public services like health and education from
the predatory elements that preach the ideology of the marketplace as the
solution to every issue. Notes 1. National Policy on Education- 1986, Ministry of
Human ...

Contemporary Trends in Education: A Handbook for Educators

I05 levels. This is important to provide experiencelbased environmental
education and teacher-education programmes, which can assist teachers in their
learning and take responsibility for helping to integrate environmental education
into ...

From Special To Inclusive Education In India: Case Studies Of Three Schools In Delhi

1 first met Madan when, as a member of the Indian Civil Service, he was
seconded to Queen Elizabeth House, at the University, to study special education
in England and trace the roots of the concept of inclusive education in the context
of ...

Emerging Trends in Higher Education: Concepts and Practices

Papers presented at the International Seminar on Democratic and Secular Education, held at Thiruvananthapuram during 4-6 December 2008.

Exclusion Through Education: Analysis of Two Accounts from Pre- and Post-
Independence India Mohammad Ta//b* Kerala's record in educational
accomplishments gives it sufficient ground to reflect on the aspects both of
access to education ...