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Swarm Intelligence in Data Mining

This volume examines the application of swarm intelligence in data mining, addressing the issues of swarm intelligence and data mining using novel intelligent approaches. The book comprises 11 chapters including an introduction reviewing fundamental definitions and important research challenges. Important features include a detailed overview of swarm intelligence and data mining paradigms, focused coverage of timely, advanced data mining topics, state-of-the-art theoretical research and application developments and contributions by pioneers in the field.

This book deals with the application of swarm intelligence in data mining. Addressing the various issues of swarm intelligence and data mining using different intelligent approaches is the novelty of this edited volume.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems Design and Intelligent Applications 2012 (India 2012) held in Visakhapatnam, India, January 2012

This volume contains the papers presented at INDIA-2012: International conference on Information system Design and Intelligent Applications held on January 5-7, 2012 in Vishakhapatnam, India. This conference was organized by Computer Society of India (CSI), Vishakhapatnam chapter well supported by Vishakhapatnam Steel, RINL, Govt of India. It contains 108 papers contributed by authors from six different countries across four continents. These research papers mainly focused on intelligent applications and various system design issues. The papers cover a wide range of topics of computer science and information technology discipline ranging from image processing, data base application, data mining, grid and cloud computing, bioinformatics among many others. The various intelligent tools like swarm intelligence, artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, bio-inspired algorithms have been applied in different papers for solving various challenging IT related problems.

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