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Fortran 77 and Numerical Methods

Fortran Is The Pioneer Computer Language Originally Designed To Suit Numerical, Scientific And Engineering Computations. In Spite Of The Birth Of Several Computer Languages, Fortran Is Still Used As A Primary Tool For Programming Numerical Computations. In This Book All The Features Of Fortran 77 Have Been Elaborately Explained With The Support Of Examples And Illustrations. Programs Have Been Designed And Developed In A Systematic Way For All The Classical Problems. All The Topics Of Numerical Methods Have Been Presented In A Simple Style And Algorithms Developed. Complete Fortran 77 Programs And More Than One Sets Of Sample Data Have Been Given For Each Method. The Content Of The Book Have Been Carefully Tailored For A Course Material Of A One Semester Course For The Computer Science, Mathematics And Physics Students.

The first eight chapters have been devoted for FORTRAN 77. I have made
sincere attempts to present the concepts in my own simple style with a number of
programming examples. Chapters 9 to 14 deal with Numerical Methods. For each