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Book on Ethics

The Treatment of What Concerns Appetition/Desire

This profound book is a spiritual manual covering moral wisdom and goes to the heart of everyday practical ethics. It is a classical text that transcends religious traditions and cultural philosophies. Written nearly 800 years ago, the Author has managed to delve deep into The Book is arranged according to the convincing demonstrative method and not the dialectic method which forcibly imposes accusations (upon the opponents). It is a classical work by We ask Allah to render it unto a cause for great profit in both the worlds, for happiness in both Abodes. Verily He is the best of Guides and Help. On the Love of Wealth 02 On the Method of Using Wealth for Attaining Spiritual Bliss 03 On Greed and Miserliness 04 On the Treatment of Greed and Niggardliness 08 On the Nature of Miserliness and Generosity 10 On the Generous and the Benevolent 11 Discourse on Worldly Position 12 On the Explanation of Real Whimsical Perfections 14 On the Explanation that sometimes Search for Position is Necessary, sometimes commendable and Permissible, and sometimes Undesirable and Forbidden 17 Explanation of the Reason for Loving Praise and Panegyric and Abhorring Satire and Blame 19 On the Treatment of the Love for Worldly Position 21 Practical Treatments 24 Explanation of the Cure of Disliking Satire 26 On the Explanation that People Differ in Behaviour with Respect to Praise and Condemnation 30 Discourse on Hypocrisy and its Laws 32 The Explanation of Concealed Hypocrisy 36 On the Explanation of the Concealed and Manifest Hypocrisy, which Nullifies the Deed and which does not 38 Explanation of Permission to Intend to Manifest Obedience 45 Explanation of Permission to Conceal Sins 47 The Explanation of Giving up Actions of Obedience in order to avoid Hypocrisy

Imam Ghazzali also says: Asfor power, man has not real perfectionin his power,
he has onlyreal knowledge. The real power only belongs to Allah,he Exalted, and
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