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Fingerprint Image Segmentation Using Hierarchical Technique

F-I-S-Ht is a wonderful discovery on human biometric. Fingerprints are the ridge and furrow patterns on the tip of the finger and its verification is an important biometric technique for personal identification. The quality of the fingerprint image is the most significant factor in a reliable matching process. Thus, any pre- processing algorithm should aim to enhance the quality of the existing features without creating false features. This scenario brings the idea of the research. The research focus on the segmentation approach in pre-processing images. The purpose of the study is to identify a segmentation approach of fingerprint image by considering several approaches namely Hierarchical technique and Region growing by pixel aggregation technique. The process is vital when to apply next pre-processing stages i.e. thinning, identifying between true and false minutiae and minutiae extraction process. The research is supported by 50 samples of data that is collected through an available fingerprint device.

F-I-S-Ht is a wonderful discovery on human biometric.