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Statistics and Data Interpretation for Social Work

Written by a social worker for social work students, this is a nuts and bolts guide to statistics that presents complex calculations and concepts in clear, easy-to-understand language. It includes numerous examples, data sets, and issues that students will encounter in social work practice. The first section introduces basic concepts and terms to provide a solid foundation in statistics. It also addresses tools used by researchers to describe and summarize data ranging from single variables to assessing the relationship between variables and cause and effect among variables. The second section focuses on inferential statistics, describing how researchers draw conclusions about whole populations based on data from samples. This section also covers confidence intervals and a variety of significance tests for examining relationships between different types of variables. Additionally, tools for multivariate analyses and data interpretation are presented. Key Features: Addresses the role of statistics in evidence-based practice and program evaluation Features examples of qualitative and quantitative analysis Each chapter contains exercise problems and questions to enhance student learning Includes electronic data sets taken from actual social work arenas Offers a full ancillary digital packet including a student guide to SPSS with accompanying Data Set, an Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint slides, and a Test Bank

qualitative methods and statistics, 4, 352–353 qualitative variables definition, 5
variability, 40–41, 40t quantitative research methods, 4 quantitative variable, 5
quasi-experiments, 138 questions, answers to, 425–452 quotient, 409 R R2, 368
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mHealth Innovation

Best Practices From The Mobile Frontier

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mHealth: From Smartphones to Smart Systems

Miniature, low-cost, high-performance sensors can measure a variety of physical,
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VB.NET Language Pocket Reference

Syntax and Descriptions of the Visual Basic .NET Language

Visual Basic .NET is a radically new version of Microsoft Visual Basic, the world's most widely used rapid application development (RAD) package. Whether you are just beginning application development with Visual Basic .NET or are already deep in code, you will appreciate just how easy and valuable the VB.NET Language Pocket Reference is.VB.NET Language Pocket Reference contains a concise description of all language elements by category. These include language elements implemented by the Visual Basic compiler, as well as all procedures and functions implemented in the Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace. Use it anytime you want to look up those pesky details of Visual Basic syntax or usage. With concise detail and no fluff, you'll want to take this book everywhere.

Use it anytime you want to look up those pesky details of Visual Basic syntax or usage. With concise detail and no fluff, you'll want to take this book everywhere.