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Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures

Million Dollar Partnering Strategies for Growing ANY Business in ANY Economy

Are you ready to become a master of guerrilla marketing and joint ventures, the combined type of smarter marketing necessary for true entrepreneurial success worldwide in any economy and any marketplace. "Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures" explains step-by-step how entrepreneurs can use smarter marketing and joint ventures to generate maximum profits from minimum investments. Put another way, applying what you are about to learn can help make your business grow very quickly for low or even zero-cost and real-life case studies (including the author’s own experience of going from zero to 4 million customers in 30 days) will also show you how joint ventures can help an individual entrepreneur make millions in a very short space of time.

Many new terminologies have emerged in marketing that are often inter-related
with guerrilla marketing. These include 'viral marketing' which mainly focuses on
using social networks, 'buzz marketing' which relies on word-of-mouth ...