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How to Ruin a Business Without Really Trying

What Every Entrepreneur Should Not Do When Running a Business

In this practical resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, the author shares 55 stories of things that happened to him during the process of running two clothing businesses over the last 11 years, revealing what not to do.

In this practical resource for aspiring entrepreneurs, the author shares 55 stories of things that happened to him during the process of running two clothing businesses over the last 11 years, revealing what not to do.

Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times

Jay has the knowledge and the experience to help your business. Chances are, your business could use some help about now. Let's face it, we all could. I'll admit it ... now will you? Once you do admit it, you will realize how much you will benefit from Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times. That's because this treasure-trove of marketing tactics will help you weather the toughest times. It tells you exactly how to position your business so that you can propel to new heights that you never dreamt were possible. Each of the 12 chapters in Guerrilla Marketing During Tough Times includes action steps that you can use, and an exercise to help you focus your energy on the areas of your business you must change. It's real-life advice from a real marketing expert.

Moment of truth time: The best way to succeed at public rela— tions is to have
publicity contacts—people at the media who you know on a first-name basis. It's

Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches

Six Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Coaching Practice

"Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches" provides the first practical guide on the market for coaches who want to fill their practice with desirable clients, and then build a firm that generates wealth. Readers of this book will know exactly what they need to do in order to be a successful coach and firm builder. The book provides best practices for all phases of building a successful firm, from choosing a target market and designing solutions to attracting clients and building a firm.

You don't have to spend a fortune on marketing your services to be a very
successful coach. However, you must put into place proven approaches to filling
your practice with clients. These tactics start with referrals and go on to include: ...

Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan

The Ten Battles You Must Fight to Start Your Own Business, and How to Win Them Decisively

Yes! You Can Escape Your Job---If You Win the 10 Battles Required to Go Out On Your Own! Yes, you can do this. You can quit your job, start a business, and never have to work for anybody else ever again. You can do this regardless of whether you feel confident or afraid, your age, your family situation, your education, where you live, and how much time and money you have. You don’t have to tolerate a crummy job, lousy boss, long commute, tedious tasks, annoying co-workers, limited control over how you spend your day, no clear path to a promotion, worrying about the next round of layoffs, dealing with corporate scandals that have nothing to do with you, reporting to an executive team that you don’t like or trust---You can leave all this behind! "Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan" shows you how. It gives you practical, step-by-step advice about the ten battles you must fight to make the leap, and how to win them decisively, including: overcoming fear, finding the right idea for you, getting family to support you, picking the right strategy, starting your business up with minimal financial or personal risk, getting the first profitable customer, building momentum, and leaving your job without burning any bridges. In addition to step-by-step guidance, over 150 entrepreneurs---people who have successfully made the leap---share their wisdom and insights. Plus, the book includes an exclusive password for you to take the Job Escape Challenge, including additional FREE resources to start a successful business and quit your job forever. What are you waiting for? Start planning your escape right now!

For decades, the Guerrilla Marketing series of books has provided readers with
thousands of different ways to market their businesses. At the same time, the
Internet has opened up—and continues to open up—entirely new ways to make
your ...

Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines

35 World-Class Strategies to Send Your Profits Soaring

Let 35 World Class Guerrilla Marketing Coaches Teach You Their Time-tested Tactics and Strategies for Getting New Customers and Turning Them Into Your Most Enthusiastic Fans! Here is a taste of what you're going to learn in Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines: * Dozens of new high impact strategies for reaching and acquiring new customers...even on a shoestring budget, * Cutting edge online tactics designed to cut through the clutter and dramatically increase your visibility and conversion rates, * The keys to developing high powered Guerrilla partnerships and affiliate programs that will leverage your time and actually make you money while you sleep. Are you ready to turn your own prospects into customers and then into raving fans who will buy from you again, and again, and again? Join us on the Front Lines and get ready to launch your own Guerrilla Marketing Attack!

The key to successful Guerrilla Marketing is in embracing not the concept of
competition but the beauty and advantage of cooperation. In other words, it's fuse
for fun & profit. This section delves into one of the most important Guerrilla
Marketing ...

Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures

Million Dollar Partnering Strategies for Growing ANY Business in ANY Economy

Are you ready to become a master of guerrilla marketing and joint ventures, the combined type of smarter marketing necessary for true entrepreneurial success worldwide in any economy and any marketplace. "Guerrilla Marketing and Joint Ventures" explains step-by-step how entrepreneurs can use smarter marketing and joint ventures to generate maximum profits from minimum investments. Put another way, applying what you are about to learn can help make your business grow very quickly for low or even zero-cost and real-life case studies (including the author’s own experience of going from zero to 4 million customers in 30 days) will also show you how joint ventures can help an individual entrepreneur make millions in a very short space of time.

Many new terminologies have emerged in marketing that are often inter-related
with guerrilla marketing. These include 'viral marketing' which mainly focuses on
using social networks, 'buzz marketing' which relies on word-of-mouth ...

Guerrilla Marketing for Writers

100 No-Cost, Low-Cost Weapons for Selling Your Work

Because the battle begins before a book even hits the selves, an author needs every weapon to get ahead of the competition. Guerrilla Marketing for Writers is packed with proven insights and advice, it details 100 ÒClassified secretsÓ that will help autho

You know little or nothing about publishing and promotion. • You want the
recognition and rewards you will earn by becoming a successful author. • You
are writing adult fiction or nonfiction or children's books. Guerrilla marketing is not
new, ...

Guerrilla Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

How to Steal Customers from Your Competition

In his groundbreaking book, certified guerrilla marketing coach Hancock teaches readers how to crush competitors and discover exactly why business slows down in tough economic times--and exactly what they can do about it.

With so much interruption marketing going on these days, the way to succeed is
to gain permission to market to people. Once you have it, you're in clover. Without
it, you're in trouble. Sometimes the student becomes the teacher. That's exactly ...